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plus d'art, moins sombre

ps modernism feb 13 - 23

in studio working on new paintings for palm springs modernisim week

homeless vs houseless

The homeless are just like you and I but without a home
many people are afraid to help the homeless because sometimes
you may see angry drunk street people/vagrants/houseless and there is a major difference between them. if you stop and take time to understand that many homeless want a roof over their heads, a clean pair of undies, a friend who cares - but then there are the street people who choose to roam and are without a house or friends because of mental health issues, drinking, drug usage or all of the above. Always use your intuition and assess any and all situations before coming in contact with any stranger on the street- ( just like your mother should have taught you) BUT DON'T BE AFRAID AND DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT'S UP..... BE AWARE AND SMART- BUT OPEN YOUR HEART AND GIVE!! Living beings need our help....


géométrique series

 when you think you get it- you've just begun*

art for christmas

Looking 4 awesome Christmas Gifts:
Hot, Not or Never
art by local artists- Hot
soy candles - Hot
coffee - Hot
gift certificates- Hot
bubble bath- Not
anything organic- Hot
natural products- Hot
room sprays - Not - (let someone choose their own scent)
citrus or orange blossom anything- Hot
local restaurant/business coupons- Hot Hot Hot
cards & selfie photos- Hot
re-gifting- Not Not Not- unless it's a joke
candy- Not
gourmet chocolate- Hot
anything handmade- Hot
fruitcake- Never
all purpose holiday cards- Hot
old world glass ornaments- Hot
creative gift wrapping- Hot


art is subjective

art is subjective it means something different to everyone


Love Yourself

no matter what a crazy world we live, you just have to love yourself enough to get over it all, and move along...
nobody can tell you what to think or how to live your life - you have to do that for yourself one step at a time!!


We Honor and Celebrate all souls- Living and dead

We are alway connected, more like bound to our loved ones . Some of these are special life mates, Lovers, Family , Best friends and The rare and unique -Twin Flames soul. What evolution has taught us in books and knowledge we have learned up to today -is that these souls of pure divine energy are still with us when there bodies die and graduate from this reality. I imagine that these departed souls connect in a mass of blooming light bursts of all colors of the rainbow, in a heavenly place called Soul Garden...As these souls move, change form and grow into more radiant beings- They can stay and continue their illumination work in the timeless garden of eternity - or they can go back to earth and be reborn again and take their illumination work there- which is much harder...As all souls living and dead are most certainly connected. The light souls stay with the light and the dark souls stay with the dark. When you fully get in touch with your soul you can start learning how to connect with all souls. Soul to Soul connection is like nothing else on earth, as it's a heavenly vibe with  deep clarity, a sense of all things being at peace and self assurance that you are completely and freelly guided by.


izayah studio 2013


art journey*


Keep Calm Love Izayah


Fine Art Painter

west coast fine artist, fine art painting, multimedia, award winning artist...


izayah jeffrey Winner of Winners title London Nailympics 2005

alex fox- scratch magazine-uk, the god father of nails -  tom holcomb riverside california, izayah jeffrey palm springs california, tomoko gaman tokyo, japan.


One of my first pieces to be published by the national gallery of writing- As I look back upon my life journey I see that all the pain and suffering has made me who I am today. Without it I wouldn't be the same person....

Where I dare not go -izayah jeffrey

Where I dare not go is the first place you lead me. Your twisted hunger wraps itself up through me as it's the largest I have ever taken into my tall lean body.

More-so Proud than Eager I was born to this existence with Labeled-Self-Serving-Desires, but also with truth itself guiding me to much more than my unearthly pleasures, but your unfound desires, something to call your own. Something leading you not far far away, but to a brand bew beginning!

Smiley-Sad-eyes wrought with uncontrollable pleasure, lurid-emotionless-glare, such proper boyish demeanor, a job more than well done but unnoticed, and unrecognized by those that mattered dear, by ones-own-organic-self.

Sensually-Exotic-Twists, of fate, perhaps, uncertain? Best Yet, to not Define!

So many times, putting yourself through it all again, pain, disappointment, betrayal and yes love, something we dare not speak of. Opening your body, buried flesh that should remain covered, protected. Enjoying it as it unfolds and reforms into a new venue, if by chance that luck, is leading! Not one but many, have fallen prey in trying to conduct the flight of fury: Passion!

Least I be tormented by enhanced persuasion, delicately nicking the surface of your armor, but-deeply rooting your own mind, more than blossoming lust, into a vivid fragrance.

Smiley-Sad-Eyes Of mine, yet embracing another foreshadowing of shattered dreams, deliberate and concise, getting caught up in but another moment. We tend to yield when in fact truth has brought more than we know to this unity. That heart inside that which mesmerizes and captures us in wonderment, undaunted in the frayed hours, those that are meant for rest, beats and beats unless we foolishly try for the ultimate. We try for the ultimate! We lose our way, we let be gone our minds to side wind flurry into vibrant lust again.

Why do I dare go where we lead ourselves to you? Perhaps it's my twisted perfection. Is that what sets us free and keeps me as yours? Forever telling a strange new tale? Perhaps my arranging, be that for me, only to keep me as yours.

Perhaps we have met something not to arrange-but set free!
Something so much more than we could ever really possess.

A dream we think that could never be.
Our fantasys,
our minds,
our love.
If that comes back for us!
I must let be.

izayah jeffrey 2006

paris 2012

Paris et mon ami

Paris est l'endroit où l'artiste se connecte avec une flamme jumelle et il devient pure inspiration.Paris is where the artist connects with a twin flame and it becomes pure inspiration


multi award winning artist

A Winner of Winners for Division I in the London Nailympics Izayah is a multimedia, multi award winning artist, a designer, stylist, painter, a published photographer, writer and poet.


california paint

california art and design 2013. izayah palm springs, los angeles and san francisco


remembering steve lowe

when Steve Lowe passed - i was at the memorial with a very diverse group of people from Alex Gildzen to Michael Childers. My photography from the event was published by the Palm Springs Art Museum in: Every own owns a piece of the sky. For those of you who dont know Steve Lowe, he was the proprietor of Beat Hotel & Lautner Hotel as well and the assistant to William S Burroughs american novelist . Steve Lowe was an amazing man with a huge heart. He knew alot about alot of groovy things but mainly art, writing and old hollywood.

A compilation of interviews Jake Gorst and I shot of Steve Lowe at his various projects including the John Lautner designed Desert Hot Springs Motel (1947), the Beat Hotel ( a tribute to William Burroughs) and more. We will miss Steve for his unfailing eye, incredible creative energy and infectious laugh.

In a blackish font (Steve Lowe Tribute)

When I heard the news
it was a strange language
coming from a not so far away land.
An email reply to the question of:
Hey girl do you know a groovy artist
that could inpsire me for my website?
But there it was, neatly arranged
in a blackish font in front of me
next to a coffee cup from the day before:

"Could you ask me that question tomorrow
Steve Lowe died, and I am a fucking mess?"

I heard what I fear most
in the font of devastation
from my girlfriend
who was clearly unraveling
by each new ray of light
that brightened her morning.

Stunned in a glare
the snapping in and out of it
was remembering how my week began:

Finding a dear loved one not breathing
curled in the middle of his bed 
and waiting for 911 to send its best 
while the phone cut out on:

Please Keep Talking and Stay With Me
Don’t hang up!!! The next few moments
of graveness petrified my heart.

A funeral of another friend on the day before that
was the clearest thing I could think:
Poor Richard: he had called me on the day of his death
but since he was an addict-I hadn’t wanted to be bothered.
I had found out that Richard also died in a blackish font
next to my coffee cup.

Today : This blackish font is for them:
Artists that shared more than footsteps with me
But a universal language in life,

izayah jeffrey 2007

je t'aime Paris

rue d'archives

Looking up from a cafe table on the street , rue d'archives to be exact. i saw this Parisian Guy cleaning and polishing his leather shoes out on his roof top porch. i love paris.

there's no where like france

art à Paris

cadeaux de paris- gifts from paris



live your life equal to everyone
when you believe you are Not equal - you Aren't
we are all equal regardless of the illusion
that's trying to fool us..


gay marriage

gay marriage doesn't divide anyone - hateful people do.